Heritage Pointe Golf Course

Michelle + Jim // Heritage Pointe Wedding // Calgary Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Jim’s beautiful wedding day started with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and ended at Heritage Pointe Golf Course just outside of Calgary for a stunning ceremony and reception. The day was absolutely beautiful.

It was our first time capturing a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and it was such an awesome experience to be a part of. We love seeing all the different ways other cultures and people celebrate weddings in their own unique way. My favourite part was that Jim had to do a series of challenges before he could win Michelle including a crazy hard math question (which being a mathematician, of course he nailed it out of the park). Oh and much to the bridesmaids delight he also had to hand over a envelope with money to each bridesmaid before he could even enter the apartment.

We then headed over the Heritage Pointe Golf Course in Dewinton. The course was in terrific shape and the club house balcony provided the perfect backdrop for their ceremony. The ceremony checked all the boxes with laughter, tears, and so much love you could just feel it. We had a sweet ride in golf carts to take us around the course to a number of beautiful locations for bridal portraits. The reception was stunning - the decor was perfection, the cake and macarons were both beautiful and delicious, and the food was amazing.

But perhaps my favourite part of the whole day was Jim and Michelle’s first look. Michelle donned an inflatable unicorn costume to surprise her groom and Jim’s reaction was beyond priceless.

Thank you for including us on your big day, congratulations you two!